How to Do Your Makeup Like an Instagram Model

In this video Stefanie talks about her secret tips she uses to do her makeup the right way for Instagram and Instagram photoshoots. She explains how to do your makeup for Instagram in 2019, and gives a very practical and easy Instagram makeup tutorial. If you are wondering how to do your makeup for Instagram or to see a makeup tutorial with a natural look, this is the perfect video for you. Can’t wait to hear your opinions and see your results!!

How to Do Your Makeup Like an Instagram Model

Improve Spanish Vocabulary With Palabrita

Palabrita is an edutainment on YouTube dedicated to the review of Spanish words. Every Monday there is a BLOKO (video) with five words to review. Then challenges are assigned during the week with respect to the video posted. The winner of that day gets $1 *.

In Palabrita we mean each word with examples, contexts and etymologies, it is a tool for study or review for those scrabble dilettantes, writers initiated or not, journalists, social communicators, advanced students of Spanish, in short, for all those who try a better oral and written expression through a ludic and sustained method. If you want to participate in our weekly challenges and earn money you must be registered in the system.

Learn Advanced Spanish With Palabrita

How to Talk to Yourself

This is a short video I made about the best ideas I got from books I’ve read about How to Talk to Yourself. The first good piece of information is what you are not. You are not your body because your body changes with time and is totally different in a few years. You are not your possessions because possessions can disappear and you would still be yourself. Who are you then? You are what Mo Gawdat terms in his book Solve for Happy, “The Observer.” Mo further explains how you are not the voice asking the question, nor the voice answering the questions. You are the intelligence that is observing the conversation.

How to Talk to Yourself

Controlling your Zook and Mook is the key to learning how to talk to yourself…..

A list of resources used for these videos:

1- Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins…. Fantastic book. A foundation for your psychology. Tony Robbins does an awesome job of explaining how you operate in a very detailed way.

You can buy his book on Amazon here:

2- Solve for Happy by Mo Gawdat ….. Mo is the former Chief business Officer of Google. His son Ali had a tragic accident and passed away. Mo wrote this book about Happiness and it’s actually the best I’ve read about the subject. The thinking strategies explained in the book are not some la la land woohoo happiness and motivation stuff. Mo explains it in an Algorithm, programming guy kind of way… through logic. Great read to begin your year.

You can buy this book on Amazon here:

The software that is used to make the drawings is here: and no – I did not draw these. I got them from the software lol It’s called Video Scribe. It is awesome!

Historia Internetu W Polsce

Kiedy powstał Internet? Jak powstał Internet? Kto stworzył Internet? Początku Internetu w Polsce? Na te pytania odpowiadam w dzisiejszym odcinku. Pogadamy o tym jakie branże wpływają na rozwój technologii, jakie były pierwsze usługi w sieci, jak szybko rozwijał się internet. Zahaczymy także o wojnę między Internet Explorerem a Netscape Navigatorem oraz jak to się stało, że Bill Gates nie doceniał potencjału sieci.

Wolny Internet

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Game Of Thrones Review Parody To Season 7

Winter is Not Coming || Game of Thrones Parody.

Got New Season

In this short music video, we show how Game of Thrones (GoT) would be if based in Arizona…Brown-Walkers, The Wall and Dragons.

“Winter is Not Coming” T-Shirt


Easy Cucumber Salads

Here are my 2 favorite cucumber salad recipes my mom made for me as a kid. Still make them to this day. Ingrid’s German Cucumber Salad & Dill and Vinegar Cucumber Salad. They are simple and easy cucumber recipes with lots of flavor and easy to make.

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Cucumber Salad vinegar

Cooking for Beginners

A quick review of some of the different types of manual kitchen knife sharpeners. There are different ways to sharpen your knifes manually, some I like and are better than others. A quick lesson for beginner cooks from my new course Kitchen Dads Classroom.

Kitchen Dads Classroom – limited time launch offer – 70% discount


Cooking for Beginners



Healthy Food Vs Unhealthy Food

We got this idea from #ThePrincefamily and enjoyed it even though this new challenge didn’t have a lot of healthy food it was fun.

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I straightened my hair 4 months after my big chop. My TWA turns into a silky cute bob, the difference is amazing. In this video I use my DIY heat protectant butter and oil to protect my hair from heat damage and to avoid frizz.


Check it out and I hope you enjoy!

Tools used:
Revlon 2-in-1 blowdryer
ghd classic 1″ styler

Products used:
Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo
Hask Keratin protein deep conditioner
DIY Heat Protectant Butter
DIY Heat Protectant Oil

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